b05.jpg Bollywood fashion must be the best kept secret of the late twentieth century. The saree can be tied in many exotic ways to show off sexy belly buttons or just a tantalising glimpse of nude flesh. The soft cloth drapes and clings to one’s body in feminine and pleasing charm. It can be worn as a two-piece or a three-piece, with some modern adaptations and alterations. Dresses in flowing saree material reveal long beautiful legs and small waists. Corset tops bring out the see-through naughtiness of women. The kurta are elegant and pretty. Bollywood fashion has descended on the world by storm and it definitely has the wow factor!

Colourful material shows off the fair skin of the models. Besides, the sexiness of Indian models are well-known. They ooze sensuality and feminine allure. Their big round eyes, silky hair, dazzling smiles, big breasts and curvaceous bodies complement the sexy and beautiful clothes they wear. They are also retaliation to the half-starved waif-like models of the west. And we thought Asia and Africa have famine! Indian designers who have made it to international shores include Satya Paul, Tarun Tahiliani, Geisha, Ranna Gill, Seema Khan, etc.

Here are some pictures of sexy Bollywood models in fashion:-