Imagine yourself in a compromising situation with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You may be totally nude or partially naked. Your partner kisses and touches you on your breasts or the most private of body parts. You are in love (or lust) and totally abandon yourself to the experience. Someone comes up with a camera and starts shooting. After that, you see your photos or video clips plastered in blogs or all over the Internet. This is the latest modus operandi of some peeping toms.


Most of the photos of couples making out were taken at car parks, parks, bus stops, or quiet stretches of roads. The video clips make interesting viewing for the general public worldwide.

The peeping toms are degrading, cheap thrill seekers who intrude on the privacy of others. But flip the coin, and they become the moral guardians of society who are condoned by the authorities. If you think adultery, promiscuity or pre-marital sex are unforgivable sins, the peeping toms are actually doing a service to society. They may discourage young people and adults from giving in to lust or engaging in sex indiscriminately. But approving of the action of peeping toms to contain vice just seems outrageous. What do you think?