Have sex in a car is fun?

This is really funny! A car was blocking traffic in the fast lane of a major highway in Jerusalem, Israel. People wondered what had happened. Guess what? A couple was found having sex inside the car! The overly passionate and semi-nude couple was summoned by the Israel police. Is having sex in a car fun? If you plan to try it, perhaps the advice below on having sex in the car is good for you!

Many people say having sex in a small car is more fun than having it in a luxurious hotel. But to have sex in a car, make sure you park your car in a place where you are not going to be disturbed. Don’t just park it in the highway and cause congestion and halt the traffic. Go to places like wooded areas, country parks, rural areas, etc. Don’t disturb people as the act you are about to do is disturbing enough!

Once you find an undisturbed and quiet place, the next thing you need to do is the seat arrangement. You can’t have sex in the driver seat. The chair will not go back enough to avoid her ass from hitting the steering wheel. There are a few positions you can consider:

Do it in the Front Seat Head Banger
Ask your partner to vacate the car, while you move to the passenger seat. Slide it back as far as it will go and recline it to about 45 degrees. Pull your trousers and pants down and ask her to get back in. While she was standing outside she should have removed any obstructions to her nice bits like tights, knickers, Bra etc. She will now be able to mount you and away you go. She can in fact turn around and sit on your lap if she wishes. Be Aware! The roof is low, make sure she does not bang her head.

Do it in the back seat
This option is the more classic. Both get into the back. Get her to lie on her back, one leg up on the parcel shelf, the other in the foot well. You can then get on top of her while bending both your legs at the knee upward. You will be very close to a missionary position (If either of you are over 6 feet tall, forget it, use Options 1 or 3).

Do it in the back seat thigh cramper
This is the option I used in the Mark 1 Fiesta, so it should work in any other version of the Fiesta. Both get in the back. If it’s a 3-door, pull the seats forward and leave them tilted, this will give you tonnes of leg room. Pull your pants down and sit in the middle. She can then mount you. If you slouch low, she can get her head over the parcel shelf and give herself more head room.

Good luck to you. Enjoy the amazing experience of having sex in a car. But make sure you don’t get caught if the action is prohibited in your country.