It is not quite correct to blame nudists (aka naturists) for all the possible deadly sins. A respectable sociology professor stated that all nudists are perverts – either homosexuals or lesbians. Real life stories prove it is absolutely wrong to say so. Nudists never copulate at their special parties. And what is more, they carefully watch that nobody touches others. It is allowed just to pat someone on a shoulder in a friendly way

In general, it seems that naturists do not aim at coupling ecstatically. We know that people do not need to be absolutely naked like nudists to have sexual contacts.

Some people believe that nudism terribly undermines potency, both male and female. The opinion is probably connected with the fact that if a human regularly sees naked bodies of the opposite sex they may some day stop to stimulate the person sexually. The same way when a man has the same pie for breakfast every day it may some day stop whetting his appetite. However, the opinion is not substantiated with any accurate research.

Much is written about the good and bad of nudism. Nudism followers always emphasize the fact that a human being comes to this world naked and that there were no clothes when life originated on this planet.

Let us take the hypothesis that a human being originated from apes. And those apes had no coats and hats, did they not? There is a joke saying that Adam and Eve were the first nudists in the world. They after all realized that nudity was sinful and later put on some clothes. But before that happened they still walked about naked for some time.

If we study antique arts we will see that the Hellinistic epoch when physically and intellectually perfect humans were not prohibited to stay naked was the Golden Age for naturists. Olympic Games athletes were always naked at that period. Sculptures of gods, philosophers, heroes, ordinary women and men made that epoch are basically naked.

In the Middle Ages, nudity was prohibited. At that, advocates of naturism formed sects such as Adamites who appeared in public and even in church without clothes. And those were just few instances. The cult of naked bodies revived in the late 19th – early 20th centuries when two important books, Heinrich Pudor’s “The Cult of Nudity” and Heinrich Ingewitter’s “Nudity”, came out in Germany.

Travel agencies offer a great variety of tours to resorts with nudist beaches in Croatia, Crete, Spain, France and Carinthia. Such resorts are quite safe and offer luxurious services, comfortable restaurants and sports centers on the only condition that guests wear no swim suits. They can sometimes wear dhotis at most. Naturists say this is a struggle against clothes and the world of textile.

It is a tradition for many nudists to spend vacations and weekends outdoors with their families. When they go there alone they have a good chance to meet new friends. It is a disputable issue whether children should be allowed to nudist gatherings or not. If a parent wants to take his child to a nude beach or gathering he should first consult a children’s psychologist.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of nudism? Many of naturist couples meet their partners on nude beaches; some couples can even make successful families afterwards. When married, such people either give up naturism or join nudists from time to time. It may also happen that a husband who met his wife on a nude beach will some day in the future reproach the woman for joining nudism. After marriage, some of nudist husbands begin to be jealous of their wives appearing naked in other men’s presence.

It is good news that walking naked is a wonderful opportunity to temper the organism and let the body ‘breathe’. But at the same time, nudism makes bodies open for infections that naturists may easily catch on beach.

The naturism movement is a good chance to meet new interesting people. At the same time, there is some risk that either people suffering from scopophilia or paparazzi may take a picture of you being on a nude beach and then use it illegally.

After all, naturism gives people a chance to gain their freedom and never be ashamed of their bodies. Indeed, psychologists say that when we liberate the body we thus set our mind and soul free. At the same time, some people may find unattractive ‘liberated’ bodies of naturists and even feel disgust.

Nudists say that it makes sense for everyone to try nudism to feel what it is and decide whether to follow it or not.

The people, who were peacefully resting on one of the beaches in Saudi Arabia this January, witnessed an international scandal. A naked girl showed up on the beach. Three guys from security ran up to her, put a blanket on her shoulders and took the girl away to a police station. The girl turned out to be a German national, and she was put behind the bars because she dared to show up in a public place without any clothes on. Representatives of the German embassy managed to release the girl, and she was sent back to her fatherland at once

As it turns out, Croatia is a paradise for nudists. Nude beaches even prevail over there, almost every resort place tries to get a piece of the shore for the people, who like to walk around naked. The most popular place there is Istria peninsula. Nudists can swim, get a sun tan naked, they can even walk naked in the streets. The thing is there are a lot of hotels for nudists in Istria. The major requirement for the people, who want to check in – no clothes at all. It is even forbidden to eat out, if you wear something. The only exception is waiters and waitresses: they wear aprons and bow-ties. You can also see naked people on the islands of Lopud and Kolosep, not far from Dubrovnik, and also in Dalmatia, where there are two largest Croatian nude beaches – Zlatni Rat and Paklina. They stretch three kilometers along the coastline and there are really a lot of naked people there always.

The second most popular place for nudists is the Greek island Crete and the islands of the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades. This is an archipelago of little islands, rich businessmen buy them and arrange cool sites for those, who like it naked. By the way, Hollywood stars adore such resorts as Mykonos, so if you want to enjoy the view of a naked star – you are welcome. But, you will not be allowed to go there if you have a camera, and secondly, this is a very expensive pleasure. If you want to admire naked women, don’t ever go to such islands as Andros, Tinos, and Serifos – these are the places for gay men.

Spain does not lack behind its European neighbors. This may seem strange, but nude beaches exist there for 40 years already. The most famous one is Ses Salines on Ibiza, you can visit that beach absolutely for free, and nobody will laugh at you, if you feel shy to get undressed, just please, don’t stare. There are also several other places in Spain, but naturist beaches are located on the territories of hotels over there, so the access there is restricted.

If you go to Bulgaria, there is a very good place for naturists – Albena – the center of the Bulgarian public nudity. The length of the beach is 15 kilometers there, and the half of its territory is given to nudists.

A unique zone is located on Jamaica, in the town of Negril. This is a place, where only naked people live: several hotels, shops, restaurants, and parks are filled with absolutely naked people, who drink beer, laugh, dance, and do not wear anything. One of those hotels, Hedonism II promotes not only public nudity, but also the liberty of sex. The motto of this hotel is like this: make love wherever you want and with whoever you want. So you can easily encounter people during the love-making process there. They do not at all get embarassed, if someone passes them by, they just do it and that’s all.

But if you go to France, then you do not have to look for any nude beaches – there are none. The liberated French believe that people can take their clothes off anywhere. You can easily see an old lady lying on the beach in her underwear, and then you eye will catch a naked French girl. Public nudity is forbidden in Italy, it is possible only on special territories, and you have to pay for it.

You can even boast your naked body in Muslim Turkey, but on the territory of several hotels, where only foreigners live. It may seem weird, but there are not many places like that in sexually liberated America. Maximum exposure is always welcome in Hawaii, the Caribbean islands, and in Brazil. There are no problems with that in Thailand, Australia, Germany, Portugal. Russia is not an exception – Russian people can get naked in certain places of Moscow, in the resort cities of Sochi, Anapa.

You will never see naked chics in Egypt, India, Morocco, Malaysia, Israel, Japan, Tunis, and Indonesia. The maximum of what is allowed there is topless on the territory of hotels with restricted access. Public nudity is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, and in many other Muslim countries. You can be fined in the sum of up to $2000, imprisoned up to 12 months, beaten up. So if you wanna see naked girls, go somewhere else, there are a lot of good place for that.