“The Peak”

It might be hard to attract fresh talent to maritime industry especially women. To overcome this, a 21-episode TV drama, “The Peak” was launched last month in Singapore with the aim of raising the profile of the ultramodern South-East Asian city-state’s talent-anaemic maritime industry.

The camera shows a young woman in pristine white overalls and a hardhat, then pans out to reveal a towering oil rig platform behind her. She beams at the results of her hard work and a dramatic soundtrack beings to play….

Will it helps?

Offshore rigs and marine shipyards are unfamiliar to most Singaporean, even though the S$7.43billion industry accounted for 7% of the country’s gross domestic product.

The series was initiated and sponsored by industry players such as Keppel Offshore & Marine (the world’s largest maker of offshore oil rigs). Despite some critics (that included Qi Yuwu naked), after its second week of broadcast, “The Peak” topped the list of the country’s 20 most-watched television programs, with over 600 thousand viewers. It had created one of the highest viewership rate on the first day of telecast for Singaporean television dramas in maritime history and it had also broken the record of last episodes of A Million Treasures and Measure of Man.

Synopsis of the series:
Fang Hong An (played by Christopher Lee) is so deep into the mystery of the reappearance of his lost love of 10 years that it completely slipped him to execute a major change during construction of a jackup rig. Hong An’s hair also turns white in the story, as he has waited for his long lost love for so long, until his hair turned white naturally. Thus, he acquired a nickname called Iceman (冰人).
Hong An’s undying devotion to his first and only love, Lin Shuang Hui (played by Eelyn Kok), would not allow him to take another woman into his heart, whether it is his vivacious assistant Cai Zhen Ya (played by Dawn Yeoh) or his alluring wife-in-name only, Xiu Ping (played by Ann Kok).
While Hong An is entangled in his own world of lost love, a triangular love involving him is developing between his too friends, Zhen Ya and Chen Tian Jun (played by Qi Yuwu). Chen Tian Jun is an assistant project manager.

Chen Tian Jun is also best childhood friends with Cai Zhi Hang (played by Elvin Ng) and Zhong Xiao Yang (played by Jeanette Aw). Zhi Hang coincidentally happens to be Zhen Ya’s elder brother. Zhi Hang is training to be a Second Mate. Zhong Xiao Yang is the gutsy daughter of a marine engineering contractor. However, when love gets into the way in a grossly tragic twist of events, can their friendship withstand the trail?

Other characters include Tie Tou, or Ironhead(played by Huang Wen Yong) who has 30 years of experience and the wacky project engineer Lucas (played by Ben Yeo).