Harry Porter takes his shirt off making Harmione terribly jelous.



Harry Potter isn’t in Hogwarts anymore. Grown up Daniel Radcliffe is stretching his wings, and shedding his clothes.


Radcliffe is Alan Strang, a troubled boy who shares a long nude sex scene with former “Holby City” actress, Joanna Christie.

Between the fifth and sixth Harry Potter movies, 17-year-old Daniel Radcliffe is starring in the West End stage in a revival of Peter Shaffer’s controversial play Equus

Radcliffe’s spokesman Vanessa Davies said to ThisisLondon: ‘Daniel does not want to step away from Harry Potter but he does want to show he is an rounded actor capable of very different and diverse roles. ‘He has tremendous support from Harry Potter fans


Radcliffe was keen to add muscle and shape to his boyish physique. He worked out hard, and it shows.