Missing woman?

Remember Mowgli from The Jungle Book? Remember the swinging and scantily-clad Tarzan? Well, truth is stranger than fiction. A real-life equivalent of Jane recently emerged from the jungles in Phnom Penh. She was naked and unable to speak. A Spanish psychologist who is taking care of her, however, said that she is gradually becoming more relaxed around people and is trying to communicate though no one can understand her yet.

In an understatement, Hector Rifa, a doctor of psychology from Spain’s University of Oviedo said, “She was a little lost.” What is the story behind her mysterious appearance? What strange and extraordinary experiences have she gone through? Can she communicate with animals? How did she survive? What does she think of her surroundings now? Is she genuine? If she is, she offers a wealth of information for linguists, psychologists, dieticians, educationists, wildlife scientists, etc.

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