Very common to see betel nut beauties selling betel nuts along the roadside in Taiwan

“Taiwan police have stepped up inspections of roadside betel nut stalls as some betel nut sales girls are providing “drive-through” sex service to customers.”

Betel nut is basically Taiwan’s version of chewing tobacco; it’s something you really have to try if you visit Taiwan. Betel Nut or ‘Binlang’ (Bing-long) is a type of fan palm tree which is native to Taiwan, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. In fact, this is such an important cash crop in the region that many farmers subsist on it alone and it is Taiwan’s second largest agricultural crop. This coconut-like tree produces a seed that when chewed creates a chewing tobacco-like buzz. It is usually sold with a slit down the middle, mixed with lime (not the fruit but a caltrate that is scrapped from seashells and the like…) and wrapped in a leaf.

In Taiwan, there are many roadside kiosks selling these betel nuts. Betel nut beauties or betel nut girls or traditional name in Chinese, Binglang Xishin(檳榔西施) are scantily-clad young women selling these betel nuts. These betel beauties dress in a very sexy and semi-nude look to attract customers to their kiosks. This unique Taiwanese phenomenon is a reflection of the local culture in Taiwan.

In 2002, Taiwan local governments began to ban nudity and excessively revealing clothing in betel nut kiosks, first in Taipei City, then in neighbouring Taoyuan County. The situation changed to slightly better. The betel-nut girls dressed more modestly than in previous years. However, this situation does not last long. There are many betel nut beauties were found providing “drive-thru sex” to their customers especially passing car drivers.

When a car pulls up and driver lowers the window, a betel nut girl would run up, push her upper body through the window, hands over a packet of betel nuts while allowing the car driver to fondle her breasts. For a higher fee, the betel nut girl would perform oral sex.

After these betel nuts sellers launched “drive-thru sex” service to their customer, police have increased patrols on the No 19 highway in southern Taiwan.

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“Betel nut girls” is a unique Taiwanese culture

Betel nut chicks dress in a very sexy and semi-nude look to attract customers

Betelnut girls (Binlang Xi Shi) are a unique part of Taiwan culture. They sit in brightly-decorated glass booths wearing skimpy outfits, and sell cigarettes, drinks and betelnut to passing drivers.

Some women’s groups have controversially defended the right of working-class betel nut girls to dress provocatively as part of a legitimate effort to improve their economic lot.

Betel nut girls are usually from working-class backgrounds

Betel nut sellers are those women on the sidewalk trying to “catch” clients and sell betel nuts.

Betel Nut kiosk

Sexy Betel Nut girls/Sexy Pinglang Beauties

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