ce84.jpgThe Love Airways, Singapore first magazine devoted to sex went on sale yesterday, but anyone looking for lurid pictures and articles will be disappointed. The magazine is the brainchild of self-styled sex guru Dr. Wei Siang Yu, who goes by the name “Dr Love” and hosts a similarly-titled television show aimed at promoting open discussion of sex in this conservative society.

The magazine’s debut November issue features articles on two form of vaginal enhancement surgery, but readers seeking x-rated content soon realize that specialists are dissecting the issues from a medical perspective. This magazine’s inaugural issue does provide some mild titillation – an article explores Japan’s “love motels” and there are artistic black-and-white photographs of nude women. There is another story on the “scent of seduction” which is accompanied by a photo of a nude woman with a sunflower superimposed on her genitalia.

Singaporeans intend to be more open, less black and white. Hence the government allows the magazine to be published. On the other hand, Singaporeans still cannot accept the topics of sex to be openly discussed. This is the dilemma of Singaporean.